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LIFT TV would like to see your content submissions. With today’s media tools (ex. camera or iPhone etc.), capture your group conversations and have them broadcasted on our platforms.

If you are interested in getting involved and believe you are qualified, fill out this form. We would love to work with you to spread positive messages.

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Please Read the Conditions

The content shared with LIFT TV will be presented on any LIFT TV or TBN International affiliated platforms (social media, tv etc.). LIFT TV reserves the right to share this content with their viewers.

We request that video submissions are no longer than 30 mins, with a breakpoint at the 15 minute mark, followed by a “To be Continued” description on what will come in the second part of your discussion.

Content running beyond this time frame will be immediately disqualified. After reviewing your first video submission, it is possible that you will be requested to continue your segment, creating a topic series for our platforms.


All parties viewed and/or speaking in this video share the right to be viewed on all LIFT TV, TBN International or affiliated platforms.

All parties agree that content is owned by LIFT TV.

All parties accept that this content will be used to education, assist and support people and communities across the nation and/or world.

If chosen, your group, organization, affiliation or church will be recognized as the presenters of this broadcast segment. Our goal is to educate our communities on different local hubs they affiliate with and/or support.

Video Recording Requirements

  • Standstill tripod with no operator
  • Full view of all participants
  • Video Quality – Standard Definition or High Definition
  • Please Note: If you have a professional camera team and are able to record and/or edit the video on a more professional level, you will have a higher chance of landing on LIFT TV, TBN International or other affiliated platforms.

You are required to present your recording in a professional capacity, ready to be aired.

LIFT TV reserves the right to create intro and outro content for presentation purposes.

Audio Recording Requirements

  • Sound clarity through camera
  • Please Note: If you are able to record audio using microphones & professional audio tools, you will have a higher chance of being aired on LIFT TV, TBN International or other affiliated platforms

If you would like to pursue a career with LIFT TV, please email us at