Why get LIFTed?

While most media companies put out content they convince viewers to watch, we are building content by engaging our audience in the development of LIFT TV. We are doing this by:

  • researching our audience and competition
  • surveying potential viewers
  • running focus groups
  • hosting interviews with community leaders
  • gathering and analyzing statistics
  • having less of a monologue and more of a conversation
  • and more

We are investing in content you want.


Unique Content

LIFT TV is eager to present a diverse rollout of original content that is exclusive to our platform. Our focus is to touch the hearts of Canadians through our live streams, on-demand videos, social media channels and community engagement. LIFT will broadcast:

  • captivating documentaries
  • cinematic shorts
  • testimonial programming conveying real accounts of the transformative power of God
  • live acoustic sessions from popular and upcoming artists
  • live concerts and conferences
  • sermons by local Canadian and international preachers
  • fictional mini series
  • lifestyle talk shows

Help LIFT TV answer God’s call in broadcasting relevant Christian programming to every home in Canada.